A look at Arsenal’s Shortcomings against Crystal Palace

Another Arsenal season that started with massive promise has petered out. The team, as a whole, summarised this situation neatly in their recent performance against Crystal Palace, where all of the familiar ingredients for success were there but the success itself wasn’t. The Gunners had plenty of the ball, led by the reliable circulation of Mohamed […]

Arsenal Need to Retrieve Last Season’s Balance in Order to Improve

  Balance is an important concept in football. It’s one which allows sides to find a happy medium, whether that be between attack and defence, physicality and technique or results and aesthetics. For managers, it’s arguably the most significant reference point, not just in relation to crafting a team, but also in creating a system […]

From the Fringes to the First-Team: An In-Depth Look at the Rise of Francis Coquelin

When you think of the archetypal Arsenal player, chances are you’re not thinking of Francis Coquelin. Although he acts as a role player within the side, he’s rarely a part of the free-flowing football and attractive, attack-based philosophy that Arsene Wenger has looked to impart upon the Gunners throughout his many years at the club. […]